Our Vision

A world in which any asset can be transferred to any service, effectively.

The future of the internet will increasingly allow for the digitalisation and exchange of digital and real-world value. We are currently witnessing the creation of the ‘Internet of Value’, based on distributed ledger technologies.

We believe the foundations of this Internet of Value should be based on self-sovereignty and efficiency. In order for this next generation of the internet to thrive, we want to ensure that any asset can be transferred to any service, effectively.

Our Mission

To build solutions that easily integrate fiat onramps in an automated, scalable and compliant way.

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Our values

Compliance first

Our CEO was a legal consultant focused on both financial compliance (incl. KYC/AML compliance) and data-privacy regulations. He further created and taught an MBA course on the ethics and regulation of digital innovation. Unsurprisingly, compliance is at the core to everything we build at Onramper.


Onramper is built to make life easy for developers, who no longer need to integrate multiple fiat gateways. For us, dev-friendliness means: being able to integrate without even having to reach out to us, being able to find info quickly, good API design and clear documentation. Coming soon.

Open Source

Open source is at our roots, as our core devs have a long history in open source development. In this spirit, we're open sourcing our widget's UI, which you can adjust to match your own wallet or exchange. Additionally, we've created some awesome open-source libraries while building Onramper.

User friendliness

We care about your users. We care about their user experience. We care about our conversion rates. We care about user satisfaction. Through a combination of transparency, expectation management and clarity, we ensure users know where to go for support (and when).

Our Founding Team

Foto of Thijs

Thijs Maas


  • Ex-lawyer focussed on financial & payment services law, KYC/AML compliance & data-privacy regulations. 
  • Creator of MBA course on the Ethics and Regulation of innovation for the Open University of the Netherlands.
  • Author of upcoming book on the regulation of token offerings (Cambridge University Press)
  • LLM in International Business law
foto of salah

Salah Abdelbaki


  • Built NeoLogin, a noncustodial wallet provider for NEO
  • Built SmartBNB, a trustless bridge between Binance Chain and NEO
  • Built SureVX blockchain-based collateral management system
  • Majors in Computer science and in Telecommunications 
foto of albert

Albert Acebrón


  • Built NeoLogin wallet provider for NEO
  • Built SmartBNB trustless bridge between Binance Chain and NEO
  • Co-author of NEO’s cross-chain protocol
  • Creator of Safesol pre-processor for Solidity
  • Majors in Mathematics, Computer science, and in Telecommunications
  • Regular contributor to open source projects