Onramper Partners With New Onramp Itez

The only proper way of onboarding the next billion people into cryptocurrency is by providing a simple way for people to join DeFis, be part of their favourite NFT projects, buy tokens for games and use a host of other Web 3.0 services. The ability to move money from the existing fiats to the cryptocurrency asset of their choice is at the core of making this possible.

Due to the existence of multiple payment methods, fiat currencies, and hundreds of cryptocurrency assets, we have seen a very fragmented fiat-to-crypto payment space. It’s harder to distinguish between the best and the cheapest as the day passes.

That is why we’ve taken this burden upon ourselves at Onramper to ensure that you never have to worry about which on/off ramp is the best for me. With over 12 on/off ramps and counting, our core aim is to ensure businesses and individuals don’t need to overthink what to do. Just tell us what you want to achieve, and we’ll point you in the right direction based on where you’re from, what traditional currency you have and what payment method you use. Simple!

In light of this, we would like to announce our newest integration with Itez. Why does this integration matter? This new onramp integration means 32 new countries can now access 7 crypto assets with over 35 different fiats. With an easy KYC process and competitive rates, we believe this goes further along, ultimately reaching the goal of onboarding the next 1 billion crypto users.

The CEO of Itez, Vitaly Medvedev, says, “We know this partnership will bring both Onramper and Itez new growth opportunities, and the process of buying crypto will become simple, pleasant and easier for customers all over the world.”

Itez is now part of the Onramper ecosystem, engineered to be intuitive, cost-effective, and the fastest way to onboard yourself. With over 150 cryptocurrencies and 50+ fiats, we are creating a frictionless world where businesses and individuals don’t have to do any heavy lifting and enjoy the endless possibility of the crypto world and the metaverse.