Announcing the Launch Partner Program

Announcing the Launch Partner Program

At Onramper, we believe in a world in which any asset can be transferred to any service, effectively. To enable this world, we are building Onramper, an all-in-one fiat-to-crypto onramp aggregator.

Onramper makes it easy for wallets, exchanges and dapps to allow their users to buy crypto with fiat currencies. All they have to do is integrate Onramper’s widget on their website or application. With this widget, users can buy cryptocurrencies using dollars, euros and many other currencies.

Over the last months, we have made great progress in developing Onramper. At the time of writing, Onramper is ready to support over 150 countries. 13 fiat currencies are already supported natively, with over 130 fiat currencies supported through additional fx transactions. All of these can be converted to almost 50 different cryptocurrencies using various payment methods, including SEPA wire transfers and all major credit cards.


The Launch Partner Program

While Onramper is already more capable than any individual fiat-crypto gateway, we aren’t interested in doing a big launch just yet. We are developers, and would rather continue to focus on our product, building out functionality and making improvements.

Instead of doing a big PR launch and making a lot of noise, we want to work with our early adopters to build the functionalities they would like Onramper to have. As such, we have decided to create a limited-time program that benefits our earliest customers. The Launch Partner Program is a great opportunity for us to work closely with those customers to find out what features they want in a fiat onramp.

Benefits for Launch Partners

Our Launch Partner Program exists to provide additional benefits to those clients that integrate with us before we do a big press launch. We want to reward early developers, while working with them to build the best possible product. Launch partners receive benefits in the following four areas:

  • Waived integration fees: First of all, we will waive any fees relating to the integration, licensing and services of Onramper. Our launch partners will never have to pay, even when we implement fees in the future. Once a partner, always a partner.
  • Custom support: We will help business joining the program with anything they might need, ensuring the integration of Onramper is smooth. This means you can ask us any question you might have, and we can even help you with the actual integration and implementation.
  • Feature requests: Leading up to our launch, we work with our partners to see what functionalities we should build. Your opinion matters to us (so much so that we decided to set up this program!) Together with our partners, we will decide our future roadmap!
  • Marketing: Launch partners can opt into being being featured in our launch-related marketing materials. That includes press releases, as well as sponsored articles, op-eds and other publicity. Of course, you are free to opt-out if you’d rather remain in stealth mode yourself.


Businesses are eligible to join the Launch Partner Program by integrating Onramper before our press launch in Q3 2020. Additionally, only a limited amount of spots is available, as we want to ensure we can give each partner the support they deserve.

Contact us at or through the contact form at the bottom of the Launch Partner Program landing page.