Increase DEX adoption and trading volume with a fiat-crypto gateway

Decentralized exchanges provide a great service and are crucial to the crypto ecosystem. A big problem, however, is that users can only swap tokens if they already have crypto and a wallet. For many new users, that’s not the case. This means your DEX is missing out on a lot of new customers and transaction volume.

At Onramper, we’ve created a solution that aggregates all fiat on-ramps within a single flow. This allows your users to buy any token in any country with any payment method, even if they don’t have a wallet.

dex onramping

All major onramps and 5000+ tokens supported with straight forward pricing

We support 10 major on-ramps to ensure any user can buy in any country. For every transaction we choose the on-ramp that has the lowest fees for the user.

We subsequently route the transaction through the most suitable DEX to swap into the token the user wants to buy. Below is the list of supported DEXs and supported chains. 

We don’t charge integration costs and don’t have a monthly subscription. Instead, we earn a 1% fee for every transaction done by your users, which comes out of the fees of the chosen fiat on-ramp.

How it works

Onramper’s widget directly integrates within your DEX. In the widget, your user chooses what crypto they want to buy, what fiat currency to use, and what payment method they want. Onramper then provides the user with a choice between the best available offers from the major fiat onramps. 

We do that by using dynamic routing, which is akin to success rate evaluation engine and factors in different end users’ along with fiat gateways’ parameters to suggest which onramp is the most suitable one according to the end users’ location, KYC requirements, amount transacted as well as payment method used.

This drastically simplifies the order process, as your users don’t have to switch between multiple sites and exchanges. The result is happier customers and more transaction volume for your token. Here’s our head of sales walking you through how this might look in action.

Onramper always calculates how much crypto each on-ramp gateway would send the user (including all transaction fees, network fees, conversion rates & spreads), and then shows the best options to the user. As such, Onramper is cheaper for end-users on aggregate.

Watch the full video explainer from our Head of Sales here.

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