DexTech AG works with Onramper to allow users to buy crypto directly from their DEX, using any bank account, debit or credit card.

  • Onramper and Dextech relationship reduces the need to integrate several onramps.
  • This integration provides a hassle-free way for users to purchase crypto with cards and other payment methods with access to over 200 cryptocurrencies in 180-plus countries.
Dextech and Onramper

Zug and Amsterdam,  11 November, the Onramper integration is the newest partnership that provides a hassle-free approach to buying tokens and coins in the DexTech AG ecosystem. The eFIN DEX product is leveraging Onramper to enable their users to buy crypto using cards and other payment methods from over 180 countries and over 90 fiat currencies. The eFIN ecosystem boasts of many products and services such as the no additional KYC option to buy up to $1000 per month, and the ability to send and receive Tokens via QR codes.

This integration is vital to their roadmap as the non-custodial, decentralized exchange is changing the way people approach blockchain technologies and this implies there is a need to make it easily accessible. The onramp ecosystem is currently fragmented which requires businesses to integrate several onramp and Onramper solves this problem which is the value proposition to businesses like DexTech. 

“We are excited about our new partnership with Onramper as it helps us bridge the gap between the old and new financial world and provide innovative and professional payment solutions to our users. The easy-to-use solutions provided by the Onramper team make us a proud partner. These solutions will make it easier for users to access cryptocurrencies on eFIN DEX and provide them with a smooth path to purchase. We look forward to a successful partnership and the growth of both companies together”, said Frank Anthony Scherer, CEO of DexTech AG

Dextech AG offers solutions such as the eFIN DEX built on the BNB Chain; SuperSimpleSwap which allows for no additional KYC buying and selling and a bridge that holds the BNB Chain WeFIN token and issues its equivalent in ETH, Polygon, and more. WeFIN, their BEP-20 token that is live on MEXC Global and PancakeSwap (v2) allows for bonding and single staking, similar to the famous OlympusDAO protocol. These provide a wide variety of solutions for users serving as a one-stop platform for all crypto newbies and enthusiasts. 

Apart from the name above, they also have an ATM and a Web3-compatible desktop browser extension having all the same features as the eFIN DEX that is connectable to DApps across multiple blockchains. 

“We are excited about projects that seek to bridge the gap between old world and new world finance. The team’s dedication and focus on innovation makes us a proud partner of Dextech. We know this partnership will provide accessibility and frictionless way for users to buy crypto on the eFIN DEX. We will keep supporting in all ways possible to promote the growth of the company.said Thijs Maas, CEO of Onramper.

About Onramper

Onramper is a fiat-crypto onramp aggregator. Leading exchanges, wallets and DeFi and Web3 projects use Onramper’s API to offer end users an embedded, secure and seamless method to buy or sell cryptocurrency in a KYC-compliant fashion. Based in Amsterdam and having been founded in 2020, the company received $6 million in funding and supports over 16 payment methods in 180+ countries.

About DextechAG

DexTech AG is proud to be building decentralized products that help advance blockchain technology. The technology they are adding to the current blockchain industry whether it be in cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Metaverse or other is quite advanced and will force others to change their approach in order to keep up with the progress we are making.