Simplified Fiat Onramps For Crypto Tokens

For most end users, it’s still too difficult to buy most cryptocurrencies with fiat, such as euros or dollars. The process is cumbersome and involves switching between multiple sites and exchanges, and involves (re)starting KYC processes countless times. 

By connecting fiat on-ramps and decentralized exchanges in a single flow, Onramper makes it possible to directly buy any token with credit cards and local payment methods in over 180 countries.

Before Onramper’s solution

Most cryptocurrencies are only available on decentralized exchanges, which means only end users who already have crypto can buy into your project. This limits the ability and the overall number of end-users who can buy them, which blocks adoption.

To buy most tokens, from ERC20 to tokens on layer 2s, users had to: research and sign up for a centralized exchange such as Binance or Kraken. After depositing fiat currency and buying their first ETH or USDC/USDT, users set up a wallet to connect it to a DEX and swap it into a token. 

Even crypto enthusiasts with intermediate knowledge are discouraged to continue at this stage. This takes multiple days and results in a suboptimal user experience. At Onramper, we’ve created a far superior solution that allows users to buy any token in a single window.

How the crypto-fiat onramp widget works

Onramper’s widget is displayed on the website or app of your project directly, or in the wallets that support the requested token. 

In the widget, the user chooses what crypto they want to buy, what fiat currency to use, and what payment method they want. Onramper then provides the user with a choice between the best available offers from the major fiat onramps. 

Once the user has reviewed and confirmed payment, our solution automatically completes the transaction by choosing the fastest and cheapest exchange route among all major chains and DEXs (in some cases up to 70%) Fiat is then converted into, for example, USDC, which is then automatically swapped into the ERC-20 using a DEX-protocol and sent to the user.

The user never even has to leave the widget or app where Onramper is integrated!

This drastically simplifies the order process, as your users don’t have to switch between multiple sites and exchanges. The result is happier customers and more transaction volume for your token. 

For a visual explanation of the process, have a look here.

5000+ tokens supported with transparent pricing

We support 10 major on-ramps to ensure any user can buy in any country. For every transaction, we choose the on-ramp that has the lowest fees for the user. 

We subsequently route the transaction through the cheapest DEX to swap into the token the user wants to buy. Below is the list of supported DEXs and supported chains. Any token listed on any of these can now be bought with credit cards!

We don’t charge integration costs and don’t have a monthly subscription. Instead, we earn a 1% fee for every transaction done by your users, which comes out of the fees of the chosen fiat on-ramp.

Onramper always calculates how much crypto each on-ramp gateway would send the user (including all transaction fees, network fees, conversion rates & spreads), and then shows the best options to the user. As such, Onramper is cheaper for end-users on aggregate!

Get started for free

Ready to offer your users the ultimate fiat-to-crypto onramp experience? Our widget is free and can be integrated in as little as 60 minutes.

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